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Lanzado en el 2003, el iBook G4 reemplazo a el iBook G3 como la computadora portatil de Apple para consumidores.

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Spotlight indexing won't stop? No curser arrow just spinning circle?

Opened my iBook G4 just purchased used from Amazon ( I know shoot me now!) do I have to wait for battery to run out? Can't get a curser just a spinning colorful circle making me dizzy!

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Thankyou so much! Got it turned off is there anything special I should do when I turn back on?


That's good to hear! Since the laptop is new you might want to set up a new user account, but you don't have to do anything special due to the shutdown.


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This is the Mac equivalent of an hourglass. Try the key combination of CMD-OPTION-CTRL and the Eject key in the top right corner. If this does not shut down the computer, hold down the power button for about 7-10 seconds. The power button for this model is located on the top of the keyboard near the right speaker.

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