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Black Screen, Tried Almost Everything?

So I was replacing my friend's iPhone 5, and the screen would not fit in because the metal was bent too much. I bent it back to place but accidentally turned the screen on in the process. It went from bad to worse when I then accidentally disconnected the screen while the phone was still on. When I connected it back however, the screen did not work any longer. I attempted to put the phone together anyways and do a soft reset which did nothing. I then put the phone into DFU mode and even did a factory reset but no results were given. The phone however still vibrates and can connect to iTunes, but the only problem seems to be the screen. I then opened up the phone and attempted to disconnect the battery and hold the power button to drain out any remaining power and then reattempt to put everything back together, but still no progress. I then tried using two other different iPhone 5 screens but none of them seemed to work. I don't see any back light when I turn on these screens (unless maybe I just am very blind and don't realize it) but I am at a lost and am not sure where to go now from here. Does anyone have any solutions?


I have also replaced the home button if it means anything. That seems to be working though just fine since I'm able to put it into DFU mode and whatnot.

Also yes, I am positive I have put the screws in the correct places.

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Disconnect and connect back battery connector

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