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Pantalla iPad Mini de 7.9 pulgadas, con 16, 32 o 64 GB de almacenamiento.

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Why can't my Ipad charge?

So, I have an iPad mini its new since apple broke the other one I had, I have never opened up my iPad mini at all! Help please it won't take a charge the original cord broke then another cord broke now the iPad mini wont take a charge. PLEASE HELP! :( I can't use it! I hope its the cord and not the iPad itself.

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Can you test the cord on another device, either yours or a family member's/friend's? We want to be able to rule out the cord before we delve into repairing the iPad itself.

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I only have one iPad the others are: My wiiU my computer and my two laptops. (The computers are made by HP) And my friends can't give me an iphone or iPad.

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Notes to this: I used my grandma's acer laptop it runs windows 8.

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Ok, so you will need to test using a new cord then.

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Mini's are very finicky about how they charge. You can't use just any power block. It has to put out enough watts to charge. I've also used cheap aftermarket cords that won't let it charge. Does it say not charging? Because if so, it's not the iPad, It's the charger or cord. Also, just a heads up, computers won't charge it.

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