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Repair guides for feature cell phones manufactured by ZTE. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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Can a water damaged phone be repaired

My phone was dropped in water while on charger. The battery compartment wasn't wet so I did not take it off the charger. At first I had a working screen but it is now blank is there anyway I can do a quick fix?

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cindy, just like any other electronic device that has been submerged, the very first thing you do not want to do is to turn it on, charge it or sync it. This could make a bad situation worse. Remove the battery, reassemble your phone and clean everything with a high grade isopropyl alcohol. Clean every connector on the logic board and every cable. Remove the EMI shields for that. Once you have it properly cleaned, visually inspect the board for any missing, burned components. Reassemble, replace the battery and re-evaluate. Water damage is the most difficult to repair since virtually any part may have failed.

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