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Lanzado en el 2003, el iBook G4 reemplazo a el iBook G3 como la computadora portatil de Apple para consumidores.

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Accidentally wiped my entire system out

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I know this is the wrong category but I couldn't find anything closer.

About 3 months ago, I got an old Ibook G4 model. I'm a lifelong Window's user, so apple stuff is extremely foreign to me. My laptop only had like, 60 GB of space, so I went and tried clearing as much clutter as possible cause it always ran all choppy. I didn't wanna mess anything on it up, so I also looked all over the internet for cleanup applications...which I couldn't find any of.

I didn't bother buying disk or anything because I'm broke, and so is the drive for it.

So now I'm just carefully picking out things to delete, and before I know it, I accidentally delete everything from off it.

Here is what happens now: Boot the system > Music plays > apple logo appears > Not so nice screen with kernel panic error, and a box backing the dialog.

Nope, I cant even access the computer now.

I went through the trouble of even putting Windows 7 and Ubuntu on a flash drive. Buuuut, My Mac can't even recognize it. There's no way to actually tell since there are no light indicators, so I put something that would light up into both ports, and nothing happened.

Yes, I even held down the keys to go to the command prompt, and typed in lines I found online. They either have no effect, or send me to an all grey screen with crossed out circle.

I won this laptop and I just really don't want it to go down on me... There has to be something I can do?

I'd like to know:

- How to enable my usb ports

- How to recover from my mistake

- Or how to get past the kernel panic screen

And please do keep in mind that I have no access to anything past the Kernel Panic screen.

Thank you all!

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How did you delete everything as you said? What did you use/do to wipe the system?


I can't remember. I think I just went into my system files and deleted something important. All was well until I restarted the system.


Ok, can you upload a picture of the kernel panic screen? Where did you get the laptop from?


Sure, but where and how would I do it?

Also I got it from Amazon.


Use your phone or a similar camera and then upload it here by editing your post and clicking on the button that looks like a picture. Did the seller include any disks with the iBook?


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Your in a bit of a tight space here as the iBook needs the older OS-9 or early OS-X 10.5.8 (being the last that will work) as this system uses an IBM PowerPC processor vs what Apple uses today Intel.

The system will require a FireWire external drive (no support for USB booting). And, it won't run Windows natively! It will run Linux though.

At this point you'll need to find a friend with an older G4 based system to borrow their OS CD to boot up your system to re-install your OS. Or, if they have a FireWire external HD which is bootable install the OS from it.

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Oh gosh... well, I don't really have any friends in the same state as I live in. I'm only used to windows, and pretty much stink at anything else, so It seems like I'll have to just face not being able to use the laptop.

Thanks for the answer. I would have probably been stuck tinkering with this problem for days.


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