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Keyboard keys not working

I have macbook pro, mid 2012. The key l (L) does not respond any more. the key o responds when ever it pleases.

No liquid on the key board, what so ever.

What can I do? Keyboard failure or motherboard failure? everything else works just fine

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Most likely just some dirt in the keys switch. Follow this YouTube vid Removing the key caps. Then using a slightly moistened cotton swab (Q-Tip) with isopropyl alcohol clean the mechanism just be careful as you don't want any of liquid from entering deep into the system here and don't want to damage anything by snagging anything with the cotton.

Lastly... You maybe posting too many LOL's :-}

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Thanks fr yur answer. But the keys L is dead for almost a month now and the o is abut fw suit, as yu can read. Cud a PRAM reset or SMC fix the problem, before I sent it to the Appe service? or ruin it with a jackhammer? I'm nt in the md.




A PRAM or SMC reset won't help here. Cleaning will. If it doesn't work you'll likely need a new keyboard. If you don't want to do do this then I would bring it to Apple would be best.


These look like good places to start for Solotions. THANK Y0U!


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