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Why am I always having this problem?

Anytime I'm on Facebook or playing a game on my iPhone 4 the app will all of a sudden quit and my screen will go black for a few seconds before showing home screen. My phone is also super slow, can't watch videos or read articles sometimes and the sound doesn't always work. I've tried deleting things from my phone and cleaning the headphone jack and speakers of dirt. The problems persist. What can I do? My phone is old and I cannot afford a newer one or to take it to a repair place since it no longer has a warranty.

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The iPhone 4 is 5 years old now and will have a hard time running apps due to hardware limitations. Try force closing apps running in the backgroung, this may help your crashing issue. DO this by double clicking the home button and swiping the apps up to close them. If this persists try a reset by holding the home and power button down for 10 seconds.

In regards to the sound issue, your dock connector can cause these issues, check it for dirt and corrosion. It may need a cleaning as well.

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It may also be helpful to check to see how much disk space you have left on your iPhone. If you have less than about 100MB left on your iPhone, your apps may be crashing due to lack of storage space. Deleting extra songs, movies, or apps from your phone might help with your crashing problem.


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