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Where is the bloody ambient air sensor?

Apple diagonistics keeps giving me the TAO error which is to do with the ambient air sensor. Fan runs like crazy all the time and the system keeps lagging even when CPU usage is below 10%. I checked the temp. Everything seems normal (CPU and GPU) but ambient temp is 103 c.

I think the sensor is broken and I don't know why. I replaced the hard drive, ram and the battery as well the fan but that didn't solve the issue. I even changed the thermal paste.

I sent it for repairs and they called me and said we can't find the ambient air sensor. So even they couldn't fix it. Where is %#*@ thing? Does MBP mid 2012 even have an ambient air sensor?


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The answer does not help. Where do I find the sensor for the MBP 9.2? Read something about the Optidrive bay. Is it in the drive? Do I have to replace the optical drive?


Luckily I had another working model to test it. So I disconnected the Superdrive - no change. Ambient sensor still showing values. Then I disconnected the Trackpad from the Logic Board and voila: System almost unusable and fan goes to Aircraft mode. So I am going to change the trackpad. ;-)


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See if this answer will help on your machine: Where do I find the ambient air temperature sensor?

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No thos is for the older models.


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