Won't Boot, Won't Charge

My son has the Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch, and while on a trip he was watching a movie on the airplane. Mid-movie, the screen "froze." He didn't know what to do so he put the device away and waited until landing. Just before putting it away he noted that the battery was at 80 percent.

Later that day he checked for answers on Google, etc. and tried powering it off with the 20 second hold of the power button. It did power off but would not come back on. He then plugged into the charger overnight, but noticed that there was no indication that it was actually charging (black screen, no led, etc.). He gave up until he came home and we attempted to troubleshoot it. I tried the 40 second hold, with the charger, without the charger, with a different known-good charger, all without any success. Still just a black screen. We tested the Kindle's charger on a smart phone and it does charge the phone so we are pretty positive it's not the charger.

I then called Amazon Support and they walked me through the whole thing again and determined it was dead...and out of warranty (17 months old).

So I watched the videos here and disassembled the Kindle myself. No apparent damage inside the case...the USB connector looks fine. (On the HDX it is screwed down to the back cover and appears very sturdy.) At this point I assumed it was just dead due to a bad charging circuit, but when I checked the battery connector (P+ and P-) it has at least 3 volts (I didn't have a voltmeter here at work so I used a 3 volt flashlight bulb and some wires...very bright!).

I was hoping that breaking the connections would allow the circuits to lose their charge (if any) and the "lock" would be released but when I reassembled it still will not power on. I will use my voltmeter at home tonight to wring out the USB connector if possible, but again it doesn't appear to be a charging issue. The Power button is suspect, but it seems to be a simple pressure pad on the back of the metal cover marked "6453" and is attached to the same ribbon as the USB port.

Can any of you think of something I may have missed or something else I can test?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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