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Modelos del MacBook Air con pantallas de 13 pulgadas.

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Rotating globe for password but won't go further

I tried to factory set it be my bf put a ghostory app and declined all the trackers on laptop and ever since its been acting funny. When I went to factory reset it it gave me a blinking question mark then it went into a picture of a black and white rotating globe of earth with the option to put the wifi network and password. So I did but it spits that page right back tot he globe with the same option to do the same thing. It's hot and I just got this computer a ,onto ago

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What you are seeing is the Internet recovery option. So you need a working WiFi connection to the internet. The WiFi network & the WiFi password is being requested if the connection has one. Are you using WEP or WPA?


If you have a friend with a Mac you can boot your system up in Target mode and then using a FireWire or Ethernet cable connect your system to his. That way his system can format and install OS-X.

The other option is to setup a USB thumb drive as a bootable disk using a friends Mac. Once you have it prepped and you have copied onto it the OS installer you can then boot up your system with it and install the OS that way.

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i am using both options. now the page is blank.


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