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Procesador Core 2 Duo de 2, 2.26, 2.53 o 2.66 GHz

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optical drive to second hard drive


I was wondering if this guide for the mac mini A1176 would work on my A1283,

I want to have a second hard drive, but I rather not start messing with the cables. The goal is to have an SSD as a main hard drive and a second drive for storage

Installing Mac Mini Model A1176 Dual Hard Drive


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I haven't tried it my self...

But in reviewing the IFIXIT guides comparing the two models Optical drive replacements and the dual drive guide I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Make sure you get the 12.7 unit.

Now some bad news, the SATA I/O speed of the this system SATA III (3.0 Gb/s). So make sure the drive you get is able to run at this speed.

You should make sure the firmware is up to date before you start. Here's the Apple T/N on how to check and update: EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs.

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It took me long enough, but finally I got to it and it works like a dream!

Thank you for your help

- de

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