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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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How to revive my iMac

My iMac was submerged in 5ft of water for about 6 hours in a flood. Any way to possibly revive it. Thanks

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I want to try and not replace it as it has many important files and Adobe Creative Suite as well as a handful of other expensive programs.


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Ouch! Not likely. The water from the flood has a lot of junk in it which makes it very difficult to flush out and could be conductive (iron) which will short out things.

You may want to think about just saving the most important thing in your system; the Hard Drive Vs the whole system.

Keep the system as cool as you can until you can get the drive out. Use distilled water (not tap or spring water!) to wash the drive down of any mud be generous with the water! (you may need to take the logic board off to get to the other side, once you are sure all of the stuff is off you'll need to rinse it down again with a high grade Isopropyl alcohol again be generous. Try not to blow compressed air onto the drive as you may force grit into the drives bearings. Let the drive air dry a couple of days in the sun or a warm oven (100 degrees). You'll need to get an external case to hold the drive and you may only get one chance so make sure you have everything ready to copy off the most important data onto another Mac.

Hopefully, your flood insurance covers the cost.

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Salvaging the HD is the key here! You can find a used iMac of the same series a lot cheaper than trying to repair yours. Here's the IFIXIT guide to get your HD out: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Hard Drive Replacement


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