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procedure to uninstall mactubes from my laptop

I am unable uninstall mactubes from my system the os is yosmite,kindly guide me please narayanan lakshmanan india

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I accomplished the task as per your instructions since I did not find the mactubes in the apps bundle I had the confusion i went to the apps folder typed mactubes in the search and located it and did what you said the task is complete thanks a lot narayan lakshman


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I'm not sure what part of the uninstall your are having problems with. The distribution of Mactubes I found is simply an App bundle. These are uninstalled in the same way on all Macs, you simply drag it from Applications to the trash bin and empty your trash.

If the system complains that it cannot empty the trash because a file is in use, ensure it isn't running and that neither finder nor terminal are pointed at a location inside of the app bundle.

Animated GIF of process:

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