Repair and disassembly guides for cell phones manufactured by Huawei.

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Can't get my pictures

so i got this smartphone huawei like almost a year ago and was working fine until like 3 weeks ago,have been taking pictures and when u are looking at all the pictures u have been taking for the past 3 weeks some i can see and some are just a black square, but if u click on the black square u can see the picture but if u try to send it as a message , post it on Facebook or try to emailed or download, and can retreat the picture, now its getting even worse i take the picture i make sure it is showing on the page where u can see all ur picturesand later is say no thumbnail, like the picture is not there at all, but here is the thing is u go to the camera like u are trying to take another picture, there is a small window that show the last picture u took , and what do u know i can see the picture, but if i click on it it still say no thumbnail. so is there a way for me to get those pictures somehow , ?please i have so many nice ones .HELP!!!!!

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I can't get my photos to come up

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