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46" Samsung Television won't power on

I have a Samsung LN46A530P1FXZC television and for some reason it won't turn on. After moving (wasn't dropped) when plugging the power cord in, I can't seem to get any power to the set and it won't turn on. Is it shot? or is there a fix.

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Lovjoy, of course you made sure it was properly plugged in and the plug has power. If so, you should (unplugged of course) open the TV up and check the power fuse. Use a multimeter to make sure that you having power to the PSU. Download the service manuals from here and see if you are up to working on it.

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Correct But this set has 3 fuses so make sure you check all three on the power board.


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Join the class action law suit or if your blood pressure is low, try calling calling them ;-) They will give you the run around of your life. At the end they gave me two numbers to call. I checked and they were both to THE same damned people i was talking to.

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