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Released online on January 16, 2009, the Inspiron 1545 is a 15.6" budget PC laptop available with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. It succeeded the Inspiron 1525.

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curser relocates while typing

While typing E-mail the curser will relocate to somewhere in the middle of the text which causes the type to continue in the wrong place and it is not noticed until checked later. This problem is machine specific because I bought 2 - one for my wife and she has the same problem. This is a big problem because it happens all the time.

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One of the most simple possible explanations for this is that when you are typing on the keyboard, your palms are accidentally touching the trackpad. You may have a different typing style than your wife, thus causing this to only happen on your unit. An external keyboard may help solve this issue. This will allow you to separate the keyboard that you are typing on from the trackpad. Try typing an email on your wife's computer and see if you can reproduce the issue.

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That was my assumption when I first experienced it. It is truly a pain. As I said in my request the same is experienced on my wife's computer. To both she and me. It seems to happen sporadically when typing an"e". The curser jumps back into the middle of the text and inserts the continuing text until I spot it. It definitely seems to be specific to both our computers.

Any suggestions?

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