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Apple released the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody with a new aluminum upper case machined from a single aluminum block.

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Can't match Model number


The Model number on the back of my Mac says A1398 however I couldn't find that one on your list. I just want to make sure I but the appropriate screen from you since I'm going to need you to ship the replacement parts to Mexico and sometimes it gets a little messy on the border.

In addition to that, I was wondering if you have any inconvenience shipping to Mexico.



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Can you give us the last four digits of your systems serial number, that way we can identify what model you have


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As Dan notes, you can use your serial number to help identify your Mac.

You can do this yourself by entering the serial number into the form on Apple's website at

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That site really gives you very little information. Putting the number into gives you a complete description of the machine. On older machines you just enter the last three figures, on newer ones enter the last four. Take a look ;-)


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