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How to fix cracked HTC Desire Eye M910n front screen?

Hey Everyone,

My HTC Desire Eye front screen glass cracked recently. As far as I know, Glass replacement and LCD display replacement are separate things, but I don't know specifically about my telephone. Can you tell me please should I also replace the LCD screen? (maybe they are glued like Iphone 4) There is 200 euros difference between "only front glass" and " with LCD screen". SO I really need help ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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Did you ever figure out if the glass was glue to the lcd with loca (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) like the iPhones?


Yes it is glued. It is extremely hard to separate glass from LCD even with the right tools. I've had 5 attempts with different phone's and not 1 has been successful. Save yourself the time, frustration, and money. Always get the lcd and glass together.


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Typically with these style phones the front glass is fused to the LCD, so unless you have the proper tools to separate them, and the right technique for re-adhering them afterward, you will want to purchase the entire assembly (including LCD). It seems like a huge cost difference, but you have to take into account the likelihood of being able to successfully complete the repair, and that's very small with glass-only repair attempts.

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With the cost difference. Why not try the glass first. Then if it doesn't work you wasted the small$ and have tip go buy both.

I'm sure there's a YouTube video showing you how to bake you're screen to remove the glass. And a kit to readhere the new glass


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