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Lanzado el 23 de octubre de 2012. Procesador Core i5 o Core i7. Apple Fusion Drive.

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interchangeable Logic Boards A 1347 mac mini 2012


I sent you an email a while back about Mac Mini late 2012.

I probably didn't phrase the question correctly. . .

I have a mac mini 2012 with an i5 logic board in it. . .

I would like to put in an i7 logic board in it instead. . . very long story. . .

is this possible? Are the logic boards for the late 2012 mac minis interchangeable?

Please advise. . .

Kind Regards


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Well you are between a rock & a hard place here ;-{

At this point I don't think it's worth swapping out if your system is working. You can buy a used system for less than the cost of a replacement logic board (approx $750 U.S.)

As to your direct question you can replace the logic board within the same series without issue. In this case the i5 logic board (Macmini6,1) can be swapped out with either i7 (Macmini6,2) models being an exception to the general rule.

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