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Black display frame for anti-glare model?


I'm about to get the new MacBook Pro with an anti-glare screen. As I like the black frame of the glossy screens a lot more, I would like to know If you know about any replacement parts or any other ideas to get the black frame on a anti-glare screen.

Thanks for your help.


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Take it off and anodize it in any color you like.

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Your best bet would be to spray paint the silver frame.... (after you remove it of course) but the only problem is that it will no longer say Macbook Pro...

Please not that this and any modification WILL viod your warranty


Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

London, Ontario, Canada

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The "true" black frame is underneath the glass, so I doubt it would be possible to do it with OEM parts. It's not like the frame on the anti-glare, which surrounds the display from the outside (you can touch it).

Makes you wonder though... If the frame dimensions are similar, might it be possible to disassemble a glossy screen, remove the frame, and install it on an anti-glare? Might be a fun thing to try if you had access to some broken screens.

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"spray paint the silver frame"


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