DVD won't mount onto desktop

Since an incremental update to Mountain Lion (now 10.8.5) neither my internal SuperDrive, OR my external LaCie DVD burner/player will show a mounted DVD disk icon on the desktop. Never had any problems burning or reading DVD's up to this point.

Immediately after inserting a disk (in either drive) will cause a dialog box with: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. IGNORE / EJECT" to appear. This happens with a blank DVD, burned on this computer DVD or a commercial movie DVD. CD's will read and play.

I have: repaired permissions, cleaned all my caches, reset my PRAM and SMC, trashed the Finder preferences, restarted in Safe mode. Only difference was when in Safe mode, Disk Utility ID'd a commercial movie DVD with it's correct title and UDF format, instead of showing it as a MS-DOS(FAT 16) in the Format heading.

After I clicked the Repair Disk button in Disk Utility, it showed the error code:

"Invalid BS_impBoot in boot block : 66671c". This same code comes up in Disk Utility for every DVD I try to mount. Only difference is that the bad boot block number is different for each disk.

Apple's online discussions show this problem has happened to several hundred people… with iMacs and PowerBooks. No replies from Apple. This goes back to 2011.

Anyone have some insight into this? Apple may feel that optical readers/burners are obsolete in their new iMacs and PowerBooks, BUT I still need to be able to at least read my own DVD archives.

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CD/DVD Drive not seen by Finder

Ok, I have searched for weeks for an answer. ALL boxes are checked.

my iMac is now running High Sierra, have replaced the drive with a new one.

Still NOT showing any disc by the Finder. I can hear it on Start up, Wake up and when a disc is put in.

BUT not available......

NOW when purchased it worked fine, BUT since the operating system have been upgraded it does not.

So this leads me to believe that files or drivers are missing with these upgrades.

I was able to open the files from the original operating system from a external drive and replace some of the files BUT no luck still doesn't show up in the finder.....

So what you guys think?


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