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La segunda generación de las tabletas Samsung Galaxy Tab con una pantalla de 7 pulgadas.

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reboot again and again with error

my samsung tab 2 with error ( come after i on it and tab remain on till 10 sec then again restart it is happening from 2 days nothing working for me i have tried

1--setting>app>download manager>disable then again enable

2--setting>app>downloaded>googleplay store>uninstall (i cant clear cache because no time before that it restart)

3--i have done factory reset but all thing come again after formatting..and i have done clear cache too . please help soon and email me

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I have Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 p3100

Issues: CTablet is restarting aftering 10 seconds of hold o home screen.

Can factory reset the device tried many times but nothing is happening

Tried hard reset in recovery mode but when the tablet turns on it shows like nothing is formatted.

Applied firmwares from Samsung official site but still it has the problem. Plz help me in fixing it. Battery is fine. Buttons are working fine. Touch is also working. Plz kindly help with this issue.

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2 Respuestas

Try this,

1. Turn your device off and let it sit for about a minute (to fully turn off).

2. Hold the VOLUME UP button and hold POWER button (start with the volume button then hold both together. This will take you to a RECOVERY MENU.

3. When you see the Samsung logo you can let go, it should take you to a RECOVERY MENU.

4. Use the volume up/down buttons to navigate the menu and use the power button as ACCEPT/OK.

5. Go down and select WIPE CACHE PARTITION and hit the power button to accept.

6. It should take a few seconds to wipe your cache (none of your personal data/apps will be deleted, only system junk files).

7. When it's complete, select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW to reboot your phone and boot up normally.

Hopefully this should clear the errors that are in the app.

Regards, Kevin.

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Connect tab to kies (PC suit for Samsung) and try to update firmware

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