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I`ts battery fault or my phone`s?

So my battery lasts about half a day if I`m using it constantly, if not max one day. Bought on ebay battery, inserted phone overheated and battery drained 10% per min, bought another one showed me already 300+ charging cycle so it was same as my old battery, lasted couple of hours and was kinda hot too, when I insert my old battery phone is cool, but battery life is too short. Can I buy battery here? Is it any good? Or it`s maby iPhone fault? I discharged till it shuts down and its charging and powering on easily, no problems.

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help me please

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guys cmoon help

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Always buy a new battery. A lot of ebay batteries are used. I also would check the refresh settings under General. I had alot of news apps as well as Linkedin and they were using a lot of battery because I was constantly getting push updates. I turned it off and now my battery runs a full day.

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