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Any suggestions on how to get the digitizer to work?

Alright, so I've been repairing iPhone screens for quite some time and just recently started doing water damage repair. I have this iPhone 5 that had water in it for about a week and there was obvious signs of corrosion when I opened up the phone.

I tore it down and brushed the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol 99%. I then replaced the battery and it powered right up with no problem. However, the digitizer won't work on any part of the screen.

I looked at the connector and it seems like it's the only connector that isn't damaged but the front camera and lcd connections work just fine. So I took off the top emi shield to get into where the digitizer chips are and clean off that corrosion too, it help with some line problems on the lcd, but the problem with the digitizer still persists.

I've probably done a wash on it about five times now with no luck, anyone have any suggestions on what it might be? I looked into buying the digitizer chips too and I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any response is welcome!

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Any advice ?


If I remember tonight, I will mark those components that are related to "Touch working properly"


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try to remember where you found the most amount of corrosion and check those components with a multimeter. There might be a resistor, capacitor or filter -which is touch related- shorted or partly shorted.

this is the area to take special attention if your touch is not working

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