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iPhone randomly shut off and wont turn on? (didn't do carrier update)

I have an iPhone 5 and for a few days i was getting a warning about doing the carrier update but i never did and yesterday my phone randomly shut off on me, could it be because i didn't do the carrier update? and also, I cant do the 15 seconds thing where you hold the home button and lock key because my lock key is broken.please help thanks

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Its unlikey a carrier update problem. This seems to be hardware related.

Did your phone had at any point in time contact with water ?

Your phone not turning on how ? You said your power button is not working. Does that mean your phone will not turn on with the charger pluged in ?


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The carrier update warning didn't cause this issue.

You can still enter DFU mode with a broken power switch by using Redsn0w.. This won't jailbreak your phone or anything, it just makes a custom firmware image that will make your phone boot into DFU mode.

What happened when the phone "randomly shut off"? Was the battery still showing charge? Did it restart right away? Did it do it more than once?

As for the button, if you take a look at iFixIt's power button flex cable you'll see that the power button (the silver grey part on the bottom right) has a little black dot in the middle. Those black dots are the bane of my existence. They're paper thin tiny plastic spacers that are glued in place on top of the metal dome switch below. The problem is that they come off very easily, especially if any liquid gets in there. And the power button, because of the way it works, easily allows sweat/water/etc. to get in there and shift that dot off. And if it shifts even a millimetre or two the button won't work. That's usually the cause of power button issues. I usually replace the whole cable but in a pinch you can open it up and if you find that dot use some superglue on the back of it and glue it back in place. Or, alternatively, a tiny dot of electrical tape or scotch tape works, though you may have to not fully tighten the power button mounting screws so that it has enough travel to click.

Imagen iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable


iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable


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