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Water damage. Keyboard not working. Replace or repair?


I recently spilled some sugared water on my MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 model (A1370). Right after the incident, the computer turned off my itself.

I opened up the back panel and just poured about 500mL of 99% isopro all over the parts and let it dry.

Everything works besides the keyboard. The device powers on (i.e. the power key is working), but the rest of the keyboard seems off. Some keys actuate the function of other keys, some don't work at all, etc.

What would be the cause of this? I'm guessing the device hasn't fully dried up yet and the keys are shorting. What are the likely hood of this being a permanent damage to the keyboard requiring replacing?

I don't want to put any more money than needed into this laptop and would rather sell it. But again, I wouldn't mind fixing it and using it for another 6-8 months if possible.

Looking for input: Main question being: is the keyboard malfunction permanent or can it be repaired without needing to purchase and install a new keyboard?

Thank you for reading.

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i would suggest you to replace the keyboard.

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