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System configuration after adding SSD

I have just ordered SSD, after doing a lot of reading I believe I want to do a clean install of Maverick on the SSD, then move my applications and user folders to the new SSD drive while leaving Data such as my photo and iTunes libraries on my original HD. I thought about setting up a fusion drive but from what I've read if you lose one driver you lose everything and I'd be unable to use Boot Camp. I'm very comfortable with the hardware upgrade, the software part out so much. My big question is how do I point the applications and users to the data still left on my original HD? Also what's the best way of moving my user folders and applications to the new disc? Can I use migration or will that bring all the old crap that's built up over the years to the new disc? Any help or suggestions I can get would be great.

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First how much stuff do you have on your disk now? Will it all fit onto the SSD? If not you'll need to move what you can off to a different partition or external disk. I would also run a disk house cleaning app to delete the old log & cache files. Once you have clean things up you should make a backup of anything important, then I would recommend you boot up under an external disk and run disk utility to repair the drive fixing the permission's & the disk its self so the drive is in good shape before moving on.

So now connecting your new SSD to your system externally via a SATA to USB adapter, run disk utility to format the SSD with a GUID partition. The next step is to run the OS installer program, make sure you select the SSD drive and it will install the OS. Once done it will ask you if you want to migrate user accounts and data from another disk . Now you can select your old drive and all of the user accounts, apps and data you have will come over

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Thanks Dan, think I got it, my iTunes & Photo library is very extensive and would not all fit on the SSD. After setting up the drive how do I point the iTunes and Photo to the libraries on the other disk. Thanks for your help.


You'll need to alter the media folder setting in iTunes preference's to point to the other drives folder you are going to use.


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