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photo video recovery when phone stuck on start up loop

i need help

my phone stopped working yesterday and is stuck on a start up loop when plugged in PC or being charged. the apple logo is flashing on and off.

i went to a apple store to get it fixed but they just want to restore it to manufacturer settings.

i need to recover my photos and videos before doing that. there must be a way. please help.

the phone was never backed up or saved on icloud or shared. when plugged to a PC it is not recognized as plugged in.

Please you smart people help me out



my phone was working fine...i was running one app My fitness pal as i was biking. that app was also playing my music. i got home and turned the app off while i received a message about low battery. i click dismissed and went to put it on a charger. that is how it started.

phone is also covered in otter box to protected from cracking.


i tried to hold the home/start button and it did not work

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i also got this phone as a replacement in November last year. no water damage or dropping

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Your best chance is to figure out why you phone is bootlooping, fix that problem and access your iphone again.

Anything you can tell me about the history of the phone that might help diagnose the problem ?

Was is dropped recently , waterdamaged or else ?

btw you can try a softreset (no worry no data will be deleted) and hold power and home button together for 12-15 seconds until your device reboots (it does not work many times, but you do not have anything to loose)

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It could be the battery that does not take a charge or the charging equiment that someone no longer delivers enough charging power (not likely tho) especially with an almost new phone.

I also do not want you to void your warrenty by opening the phone.

Also there are software that promise to backup your data if you put your device in DFU mode, but I can not advise you to do you, since I have absolutly no experience with that.

I'm more of a harware freak.

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Yes you were right it was the battery. I didn't loose a thing however if I would listen to the genius at Apple Store my phone would be wiped from all history and I would loose everything.

I lost over a $100 on a software that was useless from tenorshare which they refuse to give me my money back and new battery replacement was $79 plus tax

Thank you for your suggestion.

- de

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