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The Xelio P1001A-BK is a low cost, full featured tablet computer based on the Android Operating System. It features a 10.1" full color capacitive touch screen, micro SD card reader, and full stereo sound.

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Why won't my tablet charge?

I plug my charger into the power socket but the battery icon on the screen does not show the tablet is charging. I checked the power plug and it seems to be firmly in place. What could be wrong?

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The most common power problem is either a defective power supply or the power cord has a break in it. If you have a volt-ohm meter you can check to see if you have voltage at the power plug. If you do not you can try to check if the power supply is putting out power by baring the power cord wires near the base of the power supply and testing them for voltage. If you have voltage then you know you have a break in the power cord wires and you can repair or replace the wire. If you do not have power coming out of the supply then the supply is defective and you must replace it.

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