Syncing, but dropping connection.

Good day everyone!

And in advance sorry for my bad English. =)

I've got a problem with Wii U Pro Controller.

First of all, I don't have a console itself, just a controller. I've been using it with iPad.


I'll try to describe everything.

1) It worked great: hit the red "SYNC" button on back, all 4 blue lights start blinking, then after successful connection - only one first constant blue light glowing.

2) ALSO. without connection if you hit almost any button on the controller lights begin blinking like if you try to sync.


So, the problem. (I connected it to PC after)

I've got a trouble with connection:

1) I hit SYNC button, lights blinking, PC recognising it, but can't connect (just for a second, while all 4 lights blinking).

2) If I hit any button on the front lights not blinking like before.


Do any of you know (or suppose) what it can be?

I don't have an option to replace it.

The only option is to do anything by myself.



It's fully charged and I tried to push reset button. (and for a 10 seconds also)

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