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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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3DS won't stay stay on - makes a popping sound


Recently I changed my 3ds LCD screen.

But once I tried to turn it on, it made a popping sounds and turn itself off after a few secounds.

I read about lossen ribbons and stuff, so I tried to disconnect everything and turn the 3DS on just to see if the motherboard can light up.

The blue light turns on for a few secounds before shuts off.

Could it be a blown fuse? I saw once that with blowen fuse the nintendo won't turn on at all..

What could be the problem? I discconected EVERYTHING, even the mic, and still it won't stay on!


- Theres no SD card inside.

- Theres no game inside.

- tried putting the motherbord inside a fully functationing 3DS XL.

- It charges.

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When it shuts off does one of the screens flicker for a split second? If the bottom screen flickers then there may be an issue with the top lcd. The 3d flex cable is usually the culprit. The ribbon may have a slight tear that is preventing the top lcd to power up which results in the blue light shutting off. To replace it requires a complete tear down of your system.

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No flicker when I turn it on.


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It absolutely will not power on if any of the ribbons are ripped or disconnected. Try reconnecting everything and look if the cables are ripped.

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