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How to tranfer data from old mac air 2012 SSD to laptop?

Hello guys,

my mac book air 2012 is totally gone after 2 years couse of the humidity. All the machine is oxidised inside. I have lived for one year in Singapore and that is the result! I have all the extremely important data for my work in there (shame that I hadent time to back up the last very important weeks). Was not sign of damage before. At the apple store they get of the SSD and I bought the OWC ENVOY case for Mac book air 2012. Now I have a Asus laptop and i really need to transfer the mac data to the new laptop through the USB enclosure OWC Envoy.

How could I do that transfer in a safe way? Is it better or easier to transfer the data with a Mac laptop?

I tried to connect the device to my Asus but cannot read that.

Many Thanks,


Fernando's wife

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I'd give it a try with a Mac as the Asus may not be able to recognize the Envoy. Sorry to hear you went with a PC. I have customers in Singapore but never heard of corrosion caused by humidity there. The heat from the logic board would dissipate moisture, it must have been in a very wet place. Next time either use the cloud or an external backup up drive.

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try to put in a cd or flash drive to it. copy information on to it. then put it in your pc and copy it on the pc.

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The MacBook Air is dead.

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