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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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New DVD Drive Not Reading Discs


So my old Xbox 360s DVD packed up. It refused to open, and made a horrid noise when I finally managed to insert a disc.

I bought exactly the same model (parts numbers match) off of ebay and decided to switch over the board to the new one. All the ribbon cables are in correctly, and the solding went well. All the wires are in the correct place and non of the solder is overflowing onto any other contacts.

I pieced drive back together and plugged it back into the xbox. Powered the Xbox up. The drive opens fine. However, when a disc is put in, it attempts to spin for a second then stops. It just says 'Open Tray' on the screen.

I decided to take the lid off of the DVD drive to see if anything obvious wasn't happening. The tray ejects fine. The laser lights up, and the disc manages to spin (just not for long)

It's probably also worth noting I tried putting a DVD in too & that didn't seem to work either.

Can anyone shed some light on what may be happening. If the board for the Drive was damaged would I expect to the red ring? Does the fact that the Xbox boots up and the drive spits the tray out enough to suggest that I've done everything right?

Hopefully that all makes sense. I appreciate any help you could give me!

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JoeClifford, even so your part numbers on the drive match, the drive will not work unless it is mated with the Xbox. I suggest that since you have identical drives, that you switch the logic board from the fold drive to the new drive. Check on here for more information on the drive key and JTAG etc.

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