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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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Laptop will not sleep when lid closed

So I'll start off by admitting that I was an idiot. I removed my logic board to clean it and apply a better thermal paste to the processors, and in the process, I rushed through pulling the board out and broke the tiny little ribbon that connects to the battery status indicator. I put everything back together, and now the indicator will not work (not a big deal), but the more annoying problem is that when I shut the lid of the laptop, it does not recognize the closed lid, and thus will not sleep after shutting the lid. My question is, does anyone know if this ribbon that I broke also controls the magnets that know when I shut my lid, and if not, what should I do to restore this functionality?

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Yes, I believe that the sleep sensor is connected to the battery indicator cable, so damaging it, will remove the ability for your laptop to sleep when the lid is closed on the mid 2009 2.26 and other Macbook pros...

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you are right, i ended up purchasing the part through an apple service store for $30, and all is well again!

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After taking apart my laptop and replacing the keyboard now the computer will not sleep when the lid is shut. BUT the battery indicator light is working. Any ideas what else i may not have connected correctly or might have damaged?

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