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Apple lanzo el MacBook Pro 15" Retina con una nueva pantalla que tiene una resolucion de 2880-por-1800.

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Is the lid assembly across 2012 and 2013 15" retina (A1398) universal

I found out a very small hairline crack at the bottom left of the screen that could explain the screen blacking out at the leftmost 2cm.

Now I am shopping for a replacement lid assembly. I have came across an entry which says:

For Apple Macbook Pro Retina A1398 ME874 MC975 MC976 661-6529 2012year Laptop

I found out that the model number of the late 2013 15" macbook pro retina with 16GB RAM is ME874, am I right?

But the screen lists so many models, but it says "2012 year laptop", is it true that the lid assembly is universal across all these models?

I don't want to buy the wrong thing.

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Only difference is the webcam connector, the rest is the same. Just make sure you have the right webcam connector.

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The problem is that I plan to buy the lid online:

so there is no way for me to see physically what the webcm connector is.

What do you think about this entry? And how come it lists ME874 (late 2013)?


Louis: I had another detailed look, the item I talked about is 661-6529 Will the webcam of the lid assembly 661-6529 be able to be connected to my late 2013 macbook pro? (ME874)?

I also had a look at another product 661-8310

for late 2013 (ME874), is it true that both 661-6529 and 661-8310 can provide screen and wifi connections,

BUT only 661-8310 can provide webcam connection to my late 2013 (ME874)?


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