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Losing wifi signal on early (Black) MacBook

MackBook CoreDuo, 2GB (upgraded), 320GB (upgraded), latest Snow Leopard update.

If the MacBook is in the same room as the Airport extreme the signal is satisfactory


Channel 149 (5Ghz)

RSSI -40

Transmit 24

If I move to another room about 30 feet away, the transmit drops to 1 and I many times cannot access the web. Our other Macbook (White Core2Duo) does not have this problem.

I have read about frayed antenna wires and flaky airport cards - any ideas?


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+ nicely stated question


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Doug, I believe you answered your own question. It can be faulty cables or the airport card. Have a look at the cables and try to substitute the airport card with one of the other macbook's cards. Being that these cables are routed through the display housing I suggest this guide. Although its more costly, in this case I would hope it's the card and not the cables being that replacing the cables requires dismantling the display which isn't too much fun, even for a seasoned vet.

MacBook Core Duo Display Replacement

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I will try that.



+ agreed


+ Ralph


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