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2.26 o 2.4 GHz / Carcasa Unibody de plástico blanco

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Aluminium back panel has become competely dettached from rubber panel.

After upgrading my HDD I was screwing in the back panel and I noticed the rubber coating had come off in some places.

While trying to slip it back on over the aluminium, the circular plastic pegs that fit in the holes in the aluminium panel came out of place and the aluminium and rubber are completely dettached.


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MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program

Apple has determined that under certain circumstances the rubber surface on some MacBooks may separate from the bottom case of the system. MacBooks shipped between October 2009 and April 2011 may experience this issue.

Apple will replace the bottom case of any affected MacBook, free of charge, that exhibits the issue.

Bottom Case Replacement Process

You may choose from three options to get a replacement bottom case for your MacBook. In all cases, your MacBook serial number will be checked to verify that it is eligible for this program.

Assisted service

Visit an Apple Retail Store - Set up an appointment with a Genius:

Visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider - Find one here:

Self service

Order a replacement bottom case kit online.

You will receive a kit that includes a new bottom case, screws, a Phillips head screwdriver, and instructions for how to remove the current bottom case and install the new one.

If you feel comfortable with the self-service option, you can place your order via the web:

Note: If your MacBook does not exhibit any signs of this issue, no action is required on your part at this time.

Additional Information

If you believe you have paid for a repair or replacement due to this issue, contact Apple regarding a refund.

This worldwide Apple program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the affected MacBook.

This program covers affected MacBooks for two years from original purchase date. Apple will continue to evaluate the service data and will provide further extensions to this program as needed.

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Theres no fee at all from Apple...and usually is shipped overnight! I've gotten 4 so far.....

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Apple has acknowledged that this is a problem with this particular model. They have a replacement program where you can order a new cover (for a small fee). It includes a replacement cover along with the necessary screws. This can happen if you're using it on your lap. The underside of the computer can get quite hot, and this can cause the adhesive underneath to break down, causing the rubber to come off. If your computer is under warranty, it can be replaced for free at any Apple Store. Just be sure to show your sales receipt as verification.

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+ close summary

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Try a little super glue

- use it sparingly it will "wick" into place. Tack it in place then finish the length... keep some finger nail polish remover handy for excess. Use paper towels not cotton lint (q-tip or ball).

If this answer is acceptable please return and mark it.

Good Luck,


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