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A unibody aluminum generation of the Mac mini identifiable by the model number A1347, spanning the Mid 2010 to the currently sold Late 2014 model.

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Difficulty in re-installing Antenna Plate

Thanks to the [Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement|hard drive replacement guide, I managed to replace the hard drive with Intel X25-M 80g SSD and it works great!

However, I encountered difficulty in re-installing the Antenna Plate, particularly the two 5.0mm T8 Torx on both sides. While it was originally perfectly fit (when I tried to remove the antenna plate), it is now re-installed with only one side of the T8 torx on either one side and the two 6.6mm T8 screws in the bottom part, leaving one 5.0mm screw uninstalled. Though my mac mini worked perfectly fine without that screw.

I don't think I have damaged or transformed the antenna plate and I believe that the antenna plate was not perfectly fit out of the box. Do anyone of you encounter this problem? Any solution?

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You said it was orginally a perfect fit. Now that you removed and replaced it, it's flawed out of the box! You may have flipped or turned the plate when reinstalling it. Re-examine your installation, please. If the screws don't fit you may have installed it incorrectly.

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Well thought out. +


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Mr. Mayer must not have reassembled one of these prior to his answer in 2010, regarding your problem with the antenna plate.

The plate has a tiny lip that must fit into the case precisely. It is very difficult to adjust into proper alignment. The most successful maneuver I have found is to slide the plate into a loose, ready position. Then, instead of sliding straight towards the top of the case (where the 2 dots are), slide the plate at a slight diagonal to the right with enough pressure for the entire lip to ease into place.

This may take a couple of tries to get right. When it is, you'll be rewarded with a slight "Thunk!" as both ears slip into place on either side.

Then screw in the two 5mm T8 Torx screws first, then the Two 6.6mm T8 Torx screws.

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I ran into this issue in March 2012 while swapping the factory drive of my 2010 Mini with a larger and faster 7200 RPM drive... Ended up leaving the screw out... Tried again while upgrading to an SSD late last year...

Got ambitious this afternoon and found this post with a Google search. Following x10target's hints, I managed to align this properly and replace the screw for the first time in nearly two years.

Hooray! That is one tricky little bastard, indeed!

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I also had problems with this. I found this video suggesting lifting the back of the plate slightly upwards. This helped me.

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