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A digital camera manufactured by Canon Inc. released in september of 2010.

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Why doesn't the flash fire when I take pictures?

Flash won't fire when I press the button. I was taking photos at night, it was dark, and the flash did not work. Pictures are no good. What can I do?

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To eliminate the simplest possibilities first, I would:

- Make sure that your camera is in Auto mode and not Manual

- Make sure you have lifted the flash out of the camera before shooting

- Check your flash settings and make sure your flash is not turned off (you must lift the flash out of the camera in order to access the flash settings)

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While The Camera Should Fire the Flash When In Auto Mode, There Is a "No Flash" setting available on the top of the camera. Be Sure that you are in the auto mode, as signaled by the Green Camera Icon

Also, the Flash will pop up when you take the picture, so be sure nothing is blocking it, weather it be Debris or the Brim of your hat.

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