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Una serie de portátiles de la marca Pavilion fabricadas por Hewlett-Packard desde 2008 que presentaban una pantalla diagonal de 17.3". Disponible con un procesador AMD o Intel.

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Cannot fully open the laptop.

Hello everyone,

I have a HP DV7-6b30eb which is seriously overheating and i suspect the thermal paste needs replacing. The problem is i get stuck when opening the machine. I have removed all the screws on the bottom half of the machine and it looks like i have to remove the palm rest by lifting it up. It lifts up everywhere except at 2 points. In the zone of the R,4 and 5 keys and between the O,9 and 0. When i lift up the palm rest to the point where there is tension on these points i can see inside a bit and it looks like the points where it wont lift are see through plastic of some kind.I have tried moving it in every possible direction in the hope it would un-click, but no joy. I cant find a disassembly layout specific to my laptop on-line.

Please help! Thank you!

Block Image

Block Image

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Solved it. Being a dumbass.

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Care to add how you solved it for others?

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As with a lot of laptops there is a hole on the bottom of the laptop where you have to push a screwdriver, or something alike, to push the keyboard out of its housing. Then you can remove 2 screws on the points i described having trouble with and then everything is a breeze from there.

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