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La línea de laptops iBook de Apple fue planeada para el consumidor y los mercados educativos. La línea de iBook consta del iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", y G4 14".

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Why does my iBook freeze?

Mac 0S 10.4

1.07GHZ G4

256MB Internal Memroy

30GIG hard drive

1. When im playing chess or online, computer freezes.

2. I downloaded the monitor temperator, and below are 3 temperature stages that i ran while playing chess.

Try 1

Try 1 Try2 Try3

Graphics Processor Dies 1)35.2 2)34.5 3)40.8

Power Supply : 1)25.0 2)22.8 3)28.0

Processor Bottom 1)37.2 2)31.8 3)38.5

I have the notebook open and i do not see the fan spinning at all,

i added my own 12volt fan and turn it on and notice when i put

the fan the graphics and processor have temperatures of 25 each.

Anyone have this problem??? Computer just freezes, but does not shut down..

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You might want to remove the extended RAM module and Airport, and reset the PMU and PRAM. This can sometimes make a difference. Beyond that, it's likely a flaky board, since bad hard drives rarely cause the computer to freeze up. Is the light on the AC adapter flickering or going between different colors by chance? Sometimes when the DC-in plug is bad it can be very sensitive, and a computer without working battery will die or freeze just from being bumped lightly. Good luck!

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You're pushing that iBook pretty hard running 10.4 with 256MB RAM

That JUST meets minimum requirements.

If you have an almost full HD you could be running into memory swap issues. You need at least 6GIG hd free for VM and temp files.

I'd Max the RAM on that sucker... If you can't do that kill every background/startup app I didn't need (check what launches at login). I Would turn the computer off when not in use (clear Memory fragmentation).

Good Luck,


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Any chance the freezing is related to the specific chess program you're using rather than overheating? Does the computer freeze when using other programs or doing other things? You mention "online," but I couldn't tell if that was from general surfing or if maybe your chess program is online.

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The DC adapter is fine, and when i go on youtube it freezes,

has anyone tried the burning candle on the chip? i heard of

the blow torch , resoldering all the solder balls under the chip

with the white saint candle.

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I have MAC OS 10.2, i might

throw that in instead and

replace the OS, i'll let you

all know what happened.

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I have an iBook 14" 1.42.ghs. with 512mb ram, i expand it at ighz,and sudenly, is freeze, restart, and the memory goes to 512mhz.what can i do? tank you for your help

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== Is the RAM correct? == e.g. PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM and seated correctly?

Is the ram known to be good?

When you say "goes to 512MB" in system profiler=>memory does it see the new ram, or are you only looking at "about this mac"?


- de

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Have you resolved this situation?



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