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Mi laptop tiene dañado el sistema windows 8. A causa de un virus. La computadora quedó en blanco . Un programador me instaló un programa. De windows 7 no original.

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Screen works but no backlight (flickers a bit and then backlight off)

I have a Gateway MD7826u, screen works fine. But the backlight its not turning ON. Im using an external screen, and when i choose to duplicate what i see, the laptop screen turns ON for some seconds, flickers and goes OFF.

I dont know wich part to buy, if the inverter or the whole LCD screen or try to look for a backlight replacement.

Hope its just the inverter.

Im having trouble turning the laptop on as the power button works 1 of 10 or 20 times i press it really hard or try next day.


It fixed by its own. but i dont know how long will work.

Changed back to duplicate screen and blinked like a little dim of the backlight and kept on.

I just ordered an inverter, a CMOS battery for backup (hope this improves with the power button problem with i will check with my eyes when i open the laptop to change the inverter. A new (used) battery. And last of all... a bluetooth module that it suppose to work with these model but i dont know where it will be plugged.

I'll receive them in October, im not in the US so will have to ask someone that comes tu Argentina to bring them.

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worked at night but not working these morning. Now just be patience and wait for the inverter to come.


Waiting until October? Whoa, no way to ship it faster?


cant ship to argentina or will never ship. Have to wait that gets delivered in US, sent to MX and then somebody that comes to AR and gently give it to me.

The part here cost U$D25 if the man has the part. But i dont think it has it, and would cost like U$D30/50 here.

I rather wait as it looks really is he inverter thats not handling the power well coz last night worked, now all day didnt. My hdmi tv/monitor is all i have.


send me an email. My address is in my user profile. Just click on my avatar. Lets see if we can help you a little quicker.


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Kevin Gorisnic this "turns ON for some seconds, flickers and goes OFF." sounds like a bad inverter. I'd start with that. It is relatively inexpensive and not difficult to fix.

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