When I engage the cutiing blades to cut grass it stalls?

It runs fine and then when I engage the cuttiing blades to lower and cut it stalls out?

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Same prob on my JD lx255- so far I've changed plug air cleaner oil -engine runs great but it still did it,so I decided to remove the deck- then I engaged the PTO n it didn't stall soooo I ordered new belts& they were bad n greased the fittings on pullys hopefully this is the prob! Believe it or not if the belts are ripped not tight etc it has a hard time to spin pullys so it wants more power- so it stalls out--- I'll repost if it works

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Also check ur gas cap- the air hole could be plugged so just loosen the cap n try that


Have the same problem on my lt2000 when I engage the blades it shuts the engine down. Runs fine otherwise the belt is fine. Did this while mowing my yard. It shut down and will not engage the blades dies when I push the lever up about an inch.


with the lawnmower off and the belt off, do all of the pulleys turn freely? they like to get all full of grass and crud. Also, on most of the MTD mowers, there is a grease fitting on the body of the shaft to the blades. If they run dry, they sieze up and then need to be replaced. with the deck off, its not difficult to do, but its no fun given that the new ones cost about $60 each and there is 2 or 3 on the deck. I've always changed them out in sets. If one is ruined, the others aren't likely far behind. clean up and lubricate the other pulleys while you're at it.

A picture of how that belt goes back is often helpful on reassembly


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