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Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit featuring a compact 2.4 GHz wirelessly connected sender and receiver system

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Why are the sender and receiver not connecting?

Both of my devices are plugged in and on. The sender and receiver LED lights are both flashing, but when I press the connect button on both devices nothing happens and they continue blinking after the 30 second connection period.

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Check that your devices are within the recommended distance from each other (100 feet maximum). If so, make sure you are not pressing the "connect" buttons at the same time. To properly connect your devices, hold down the sender "connect" button for 2 seconds. Then proceed to hold down the receiver "connect" button for two seconds. If you see the devices start to blink at a faster rate, that indicates that the devices are connecting. Connection mode for the devices lasts about 30 seconds, so be sure to give your devices the full connection time period. After the sender and receiver are connected, the LED lights should bit solidly lit.

If you complete these steps with the same results, check to see if the devices are actually connected by attempting to use the speakers connected to the system. If the devices are actually connected even though the LED indicates that they are not, the LED light chip inside the device is faulty. Consider replacing the LED light chip.

For more information, refer to the device troubleshooting page.

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