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RPW10 amplifier blowing fuses

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I've got a Klipsch RPW10 subwoofer that's blowing fuses every time I try to power it up. I pulled the amp plate off and couldn't find any obvious shorts. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can go through to determine what's causing it to blow fuses? I have a cheap HF meter and a soldering iron but little experience in electrical diagnostics. I can't find any schematics for it unfortunately.

Update: I found what looks like the problem. Looks like this little resistor is shorted by the electrical glue, or burnt out and burning the glue. Any suggestion on getting the glue off the board?

Update 2: Found more burnt glue. Looks like something on the vertical board is burning it. Doesn't look easy to get the board off so I can inspect it furthur.

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The glue would be non-conductive. The resistor should have colored strips on it to able to identify it. You can post a picture of it to find out what it is or snip it close to the resistor (so you will have a nice stub to solder to) take it to Radio Shack and get a new one.

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That's what I was thinking. I cleared the glue away anyways and it's still blowing fuses. Not so sure it's that 2001 SMD resistor anymore, it's reading the same as the other 2001's on the board.

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mayer, I think Strong is referring to R107 which is an SMD resistor. No stripes on that one:-) @Strong, what are the letters on the resistor?

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Yes, it's R107. The resistor says 2001, no letters. Seems that's a 2kohm resistor. Could this be blowing fuses? It reads ~1791 when my meter is set to 2000ohm mode

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most likely the other way around. As you can see from all the molten glue, something gets very hot. Heat=shortcircuit. Clean your board as good as possible and replace the parts that are charred like your resistor as well as the caps. Then check for short circuit. Right now you seem to have a lot of parts that are damaged and you can not really assess what is really causing it.

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Klipsch RPW10 subwoofer is blowing fuses.

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