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La PlayStation 3 (o comúnmente conocida como la PS3) es la tercera consola de televisión producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, esta es la sucesora de la PlayStation 2. Fue lanzada un 11 de Noviembre de 2006.

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Can I use thermal paste instead of thermal pads?

Hey guys, I have basically everything required in the PS3 YLOD fix guide except the thermal pads. I know this was asked here before, but I just want to make sure: is it possible to replace the thermal pads with thermal paste?

Thanks, guys!

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This question was asked here before, and the answer given was "yes." What's the reason one way or another?

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Dear matthew,

Thermal pads are more heat conductive than thermal paste between two different surfaces such as copper and chip cover. if would suggest you to use thermal pads if you expect log life time of device. Thermal paste is batter to use same kind of surfaces such as copper,aluminium.

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A thermal pad also provides a uniform size/thickness allowing better coupling between device and heat sink.

A correctly chosen pad will provide better performance than paste alone.

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indeed Charlie

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Thermal pads should be replaced with thermal pads only or with specially designed viscous thermal paste. The reason is that normal thermal paste is not designed to fill big gaps so sooner or latter will flow out and leave a gap between the component and the heat sink. Personally I always use K5 PRO thermal paste for thermal pad replacement. It is very viscous and with high thermal conductivity and also specially designed for this reason. It costs around 5$ for 20g on Amazon and ebay (including free shipping worldwide!!!)

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