iPhone 5 fried by 12v 25w power supply

my iphone is dead , I accidentally have connected 12v power supply for 5 seconds. the phone was still alive. I gave it some minutes to recover. then I turned off. after replacing the charging port flex cable the phone still won't charging or turn on.(I don't know if it is not turn on because my power button was already damaged before. so it is useless.). what do you think? it is the u2 chip ?

volt meter shows the battery still work.

if I will decide to take to laboratory, Is laboratory can access my phone's content after fixing?

I had a password when turn on. I know its stupid but I had a lot of private documents, passwords for sites like eBay , yahoo mail and importent images.

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It could be charging dock, U2, or power IC, a multitude of small components that may have been killed in the charging circuit; some of the above; all of the above.

If your iPhone is not charging but still turning ON with the help of a charged battery, your data can be accessed and retrieved.

If you do not want them to access your data, don't give them the passcode. They won't be able to see what's stored inside.

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hey thanks for your answer, I didn't got this "If your iPhone is not charging but still turning ON with the help of a charged battery, your data can be accessed and retrieved."

how do they access the phone ? I'm pretty sure they will check out the phone after fixing . the phone is off right now .I thought once they are turn it on , passcode will be required and phone stay protected . by the way is there any way to run it without the power button and charging ?


Yes, depending on what is wrong with it, sometimes an iPhone that is not charging and does not have a working power button can be turned ON and operated. Of course, access will still be restricted in the presence of a passcode. If you need details on how this can be done, I can give them to you but you'll need to buy a few parts to perform that, and you may end up throwing them away afterwards if you don't need them of the iPhone is completely "fried."


do I must buy them all? no ability to check with voltmeter what's component been killed?


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