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MacBook Air A1465, doesn't start normally


First of all, Sorry for my bad English ...

I have a problem with a MacBook A1465.

This laptop has water damage and now it will not start all of the time.

If I disconnect the battry then connect battery charger, then it is going to start but turn off the MacBook again and hit the power button again, it will not start. You have to start it again by disconnecting and re-connecting the charger (I think it gets a shock from charger for start).

if you attach battery on logic board then you can not start it from power button.

I tried from jumper on logicboard and I can start it normaly but the power key not working yet.

Can you help me please ...

Thank you,


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Did you get your system serviced after it got wet. or did you just let it dry out on its own?

Often the best thing here is to open the system up and remove the logic board so you can clean it as corrosion can create problems. Given some of your symptoms I would start there.

But, you also clearly have a deeper problem which is the keyboard assembly in the upper case is damaged. Here is the IFIXIT guide on how to replace the upper case as the keyboard is not really serviceable here. MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 Upper Case Replacement. In the process you'll need to remove the logic board so you can clean it then.

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Thanks for the answer. so I'm going to buy a uppercase and replace it us you recommended.

Thank you again and have a great time,



Dear Dan,

before I go buy the upper case I want to tell you one more thing, and it is:

Hoe can I be sure that the upper case is damaged ? because when I started (as I told you before with jamper on logicboard) all keys doing just fine except power key. if you want I can make a short movie of situation and send to you.

Thanks again and I am waiting for you answer

With kind regards,



You proved it your self here. You got the system to startup via the power pads. These same pads are wired to the power button within the upper case. Think of it this way you have a light in your hallway and there are two switches which can turn it on but these switches only need to turn on/off the light by a momentary contact. Both are wired the same way but one is not working. So we know the problem is with the broken switch - Right? Thats what we have here the the water damaged the upper cases wiring with the power switch.


Hallo, I have nearly the same problem after water damage on my Macbook Air (early 2014) A1466. I can start it only by disconnecting and re-connecting the charger after I disconnected the battery, but when Mac OS is booted up and I press the power button the macbook shuts down immediately. So the keyboard is working incl. the power button.

I cleaned already everything. I tried a SMC Reser too.

Do you have any advice for me? Should I try to replace the I/O Board?

Where is the power management placed?

Thanks alot and sorry for my bad English too.



I did replace the keyboard and now works macbook totally fine.

"Thank you Dan"


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