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A jack-in-the-box is a children's toy that outwardly consists of a box with a crank. When the crank is turned, it plays a melody, often "Pop Goes the Weasel". At the end of the tune there is a "surprise", the lid pops open and a figure, usually a clown or jester, pops out of the box.

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Why won't Mattel Jack-In-The-Box pop up or play the melody?

I have a Mattel Jack-In-The-Music Box that when the handle is spun there is no sound and he doesn't pop up.... I am really interested in fixing this! I Googled "repairs for Jack in the Boxes" and that gave me little help. This does happen to be really random, but I need help! Any advice?!

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Info on this toy is slight. At about 7:40 on this video it shows a rubber belt. In my mind this would probably harden and crumble over age, but the video may give you some clues.

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Do you feel any resistance as you turn the handle or does it seem to turn freely? If you aren't feeling resistance then the gears are most likely not touching.

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As I turn the handle it spins perfectly fine, but the little guy won't pop up or play a melody.

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How can I repair this Jack in the Box if the gears aren't touching?

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