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Pentium 4 desktop released in 2002. This system requires a dedicated graphics card, since it does not have the Intel onboard graphics enabled.

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How can we make CD\DVD data recover?

We have a number of CD'S which have data associated which in some sectors have become corrupt - I am trying to recover the data using tools, recently tried NERO recover which is part of the NERO suite, this does recover although it takes a long time.

Has anybody encountered this problem before? could anyone suggest a 3rd party tool to use in order to recover the files?

Many Thanks

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o First clean the surface of the disc with a soft lint-free cloth. You can use a gentle detergent (or rubbing alcohol) if there are some grease spots. Make sure there are no finger prints or dust particles. Don’t scrub too hard as you may do more harm than good this way.

o Now apply some toothpaste or polish on the scratched surface. It is best to start with a minimum amount of either, or else you will have your work really cut out trying to buff away the remainder.

o Now rub gently with a cloth moving from the center outwards.

If you did a good job, you will actually see the scratch diminishing, or if it was a faint one, it might just disappear.

The success with this method varies greatly. It is hit and miss. I have had an equal amount of successes and failures. Sometimes it works allowing you to even read data from that part, other times it is of no use at all.

IN case guide above can't help you or your CD is severely corrupted, visit next source:

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